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Motion Graphics

With a passion for research and creative development, our motion graphics studio combines new production techniques and design processes to craft unique ways of realizing the unreal.

Motion Graphics topics

Press Room: Filipa Falcão invited as jury for the motion design category

October 1st, 2020 by Olga

Clube Criativos and Delta Q promoted the iniciative “A energia que nos inspira: 100 dias de criatividade” which invited our motion designer Filipa Falcão to be part of the juries list.

Full juries list here

Press Room: Briefing

July 17th, 2015 by Olga

Talking about creativity and business growth with Briefing Magazine. Motion graphics is always an easy and effective way of communication.

Full Interview here

Our 2021 motion graphics reel release

July 17th, 2021 by Olga

The latest and sexiest reel is out. Inspired by defiant and pleasurable projects and partnerships. Always combining a top-notch technique with our client’s expectations: tasteful and exquisite content. Latest brands & partnerships: Google - Google Stadia in partnership with OMELET, GQ Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Paramount Channel, Lenovo and others.

2021 Motion Reel

Press Room: Dinheiro Vivo

August 26th, 2015 by Olga

Illustration, 3D, and motion design not only for corporate events Explaining how to create content for Buraka Som Sistema world tour, but also how Olga was born. Well, not Olga itself since it’s our dog, but Olga Studio. Presenting our team, our purpose, and our goals as a specialized motion graphics studio. From Portugal to the world.

Read the full interview here

Our case studies @ESAD

May 17th, 2015 by Olga

In an event promoted by ESAD, Olga Studio shares their experience regarding the most demanding projects on motion graphics.

Watch the full talk

Motion Graphics Software

July 17th, 2021 by Olga

By 2021 what are the top motion graphics software? Adobe After Effects - We can easily say that's the best motion graphics and animation software. The one that we use the most at our studio as well. Then there are a lot of other ones, like Cinema 4D, which is usually the choice of designers and local studios, Adobe Premiere Pro, suitable for professional video and sound editing, Mocha Pro, a robust tool for VFX and post-production. You also have Adobe Photoshop, especially for video groups/transitions. Maya, is an intermediate 3D motion graphics software Nuke for professional visual effects. And last, but not least, Blender which is a free open-source 2D/3D.

Motion Graphics projects

Google Stadia

Several pieces working together for some Google Stadia's online platform games


Vapor wave promo video for the new software "Forecast"

GQ Men Of The Year Awards '19

Intro for GQ Men of the year annual gala

Swagger Magazine

Digital magazine logo animation

Outokumpu Stainless Steel

Director's Cut

Lenovo P53

ThinkPad P53 Product video tour

GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2017

Intro Video

GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2018

MOTY Intro Video

GQ Men of the Year Awards @ Middle East

Visuals for GQ Middle East Gala 2019

Outukumpu Automotive

Stainless Steel in Automotive


ThinkPad P1 product video (director's cut)

Festival Forte

LineUp @ 2016

Paramount Channel

Christmas Idents

Pixels Camp

Promo 2017

Plastic Pollution

A 2D explainer for Jerónimo Martins raising awareness for plastic pollution

Cá Por Casa

Opening Titles - Herman José

Iniciativa Educação

An Explainer for a program that goes from school success to work inclusion

Super Bock

Coruja's Commercial compositing and vfx @ 2018

GQ Man of the Year Awards 2017 Categories

Bumpers designed for the categories of the Gala

Volta ao Mundo em 80 minutos

Intro for the Musical Play by Filipe La Féria


Video for the visual identity

Quizzme Promo

Interactive explainer for an interactive game


An explainer about the paper production process

Coca Cola 100 Anos

New ad with Anselmo Ralph

Festival Forte 2017 Live Visuals

Report of Festival live projections

Festival Forte 2015 Visuals Collection

VJ lopps, video mapping and live projection for the festival

Buraka Som Sistema Visuals 2015

Motion graphics for live visuals performance

Thought For Food Summit Bumpers

Bumper videos created for Thought for food global conference @ 2015

Cá Por Casa '16

Opening Titles for a TV show