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We are a projection mapping studio focusing on events and other projection mapping services. Working with video mapping in Portugal and all around the globe.

Video Mapping topics

Press Room: about Video Mapping

July 16th, 2015 by Olga

The basis of video mapping is a "white surface" and the limit is only in creativity. Video mapping has proved to be a very versatile way of communicating and has gained increasing importance, as brands realize that communicating through visual content allows the audience to be captivated with sensory experiences that make information more receptive and memorable. More and more, brands are resorting to infrastructures and technologies that make their event unique – and this is where video mapping comes in, with the mission of 'painting' these same structures/stages with messages that brands want to convey. Analyzing, for example, the YouTube channel of some brands such as Nokia, Ralph Lauren, or Samsung, which have been using video mapping to promote themselves, we see that these videos are the ones with higher positions and visualizations. This proves that these actions have a great impact on the public.

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Video Mapping projects

LineUp Festival Forte 2017

Live projections and visuals designed for the Festival

Vogue Iconic Party

Visual Report on the projection developed for Vogue Iconic Party @ 2017

Vive a Color Primavera

Video mapping projection for the Coppel Canada ad

Festival Forte 2017 Live Visuals

Report of Festival live projections

EDP ONE 360 Video Mapping

Video show for the EDP ONE corporate meeting

GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2016

Video about the visuals created for the annual Gala

GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2015 - Visuals report

Visual Report on the visuals created for the GQ Annual Gala

GQ Men of the Year Awards 2017 Visuals Report

Visual Report on the projections designed for GQ Annual Gala

Central de Cervejas 2014 Video Mapping

Video mapping for annual corporate meeting