Lenovo ThinkPad P1 video - Olga Studio - Motion Design
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ThinkPad P1 product video (director's cut)

We were approached to develop everything, from Storyboard to final render and Sound design for the product video for Lenovo's new laptop : the ThinkPad P1. Focusing on its special and technical specs as Intel® Xeon® mobile processors, 64 gigabytes of memory , NVIDIA Quadro P2000 professional graphics, and its 4 terabytes of PCIe storage. The ThinkPad P1 is not only ISV certified, it is optimised for maximum productivity its ability to perform. The system you want, now has the power you need.

Client • Lenovo // The Yazuki

Storyboard & 3D modelling & texturing & animation & lightning & rendering & sound design

Lenovos thinkpad p1 video motion design
storyboard and 3d modelling
texturing & animation for lenovo
lightning and rendering for lenovo p1 product video
sound design for lenovo thinkpad p1
lenovo laptop thinkpad p1 product video tour
thinkpad p1 product video tour
motion graphics for lenovo thinkpad p1
motion graphics video for lenovo p1
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3d modelling for lenovo product video
thinkpad p1 video presentation
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